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My television addiction. Brought to you today by the letters NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX

So this is a big spoilery fall TV post. I do watch all these shows. In my defense, I do other things during, most of the time. I've got the TV on or the laptop playing while cooking, or sewing, or folding laundry, so I might not watch most times, instead listening to most of it. But it's still entertaining. It's what gets me through the menial chores of my day.

Bones - First and foremost, know that I still have faith. I have faith in the show, in Hart Hanson, in the cast and most importantly, in David Boreanaz' biceps. But hear me, fellow Bones fans: I do not like Hannah. Blonde reporter Barbie must go. And I honestly don't care how. Fire, Flood, Flesh eating bacteria... it doesn't matter. But she's harshing my chi when it comes to Thursday evening television. I get that Brennan and Booth can't fall into each other's arms lest we fall into the 'Moonlighting' curse, but COME ON. Not Hannah. She's so... perfect. Gag.

Merlin - At least there's some hope on the A/G relationship front. I mean, I live for the Longing Glances. The Longing Glances fulfill me, actually. The last episode so carelessly bandied about the L word with absolutely no response from the handmaiden. Rest assured, if darling Prince Arthur told ME that he loved me, even in a roundabout way, I'd melt into a puddle of giddy Camelotian goo. If Morgana gives one more evil smile, I'm gonna slap her head right off her entitled, witchy shoulders.

The Vampire Diaries - Lord, have mercy, it's a vampire soap opera. And to quote a friend, it's everything a vampire soap opera should be. And I do love me some Damon. The same goes for Catherine... to a lesser extent, Elena, and Stefan only very occasionally. Caroline and Matt? Adored. I swear, if they kill my Matt I'll write a letter. And it will be harshly worded. I mean it.

Supernatural - Um. I don't enjoy Sammy as a dirty, rotten rat bastard. It's like he's got no soul. I don't know what's going down, but I don't like it. Letting Dean become a vampire? Torturing a kid? Being an all around craphead? No Sammy love over here. I do, however steadfastly proclaim by undying love for Dean. And the Impala.

The Office - Since Jim and Pam got married, it's kinda been meh for me. I still think it's funny, but I don't love it like I used to. John Krasinski's still the cutest boy around, though.

Big Bang Theory - Still howlingly funny. Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper is the funniest character on television, hands down.

Castle - I don't feel like the whole Gina angle is being played to its fullest potential. Again, the romance between the to leads is what keeps me watching. And the bromance between Ryan and Esposito. And Nathan Fillion in general. Yum.

NCIS - Love it. Love everything about it. Love Gibbs. Love Abby. Love Timmy. Love the fact that there might be a glimmer of hope for Tony and Ziva.

I also half heart-heartedly watch How I Met Your Mother. It's funny.

One more thing. I need to repent. I've been watching Hellcats. It's about cheerleaders. It's asinine. I can feel my IQ dropping with every episode. And yet, I still watch. *sigh* Embarrassing, but true. I'm all about keeping it real over here.

How do you feel about the fall TV lineup? And is there anything I'm missing out on?
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