Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

So I prayed for the Lord of the Underworld's pants...

Things I've done this week:

* I've dyed more fabric than I ever wanted to look at a rather fetching color of blue. And purple.

* I've ruined perfectly good brand new clothing. On purpose.

* I've painted purple dye on everything that would stand still.

* I prayed for the Lord of the Underworld's pants to fit while I was sewing them (for the second time) AND THEY DID.

* I've bleached my hands so they would go back to their normal, pasty color instead of purpley-blue.

* I've sewed. And sewed. And sewed. And altered. And sewed some more.

* I've glued. And glued some more. And then you know what? I glued some more.

* I've bitten my tongue when I wanted to scream. (GO ME!)

* I'll probably get the chance to do that again before the week is out.

* I went to a conference at church that was really, really good.

* I played eight holes of golf with my husband and sons. (Why only eight? That is a different story for another post. It didn't devolve into family Monopoly night, but it was close.)

* I've shopped. And bought shoes. And makeup. And dye. And bracelets. And more dye. And dresses. And more dresses. And couldn't return two of the dresses so I exchanged them for my size and inherited two fancy party dresses.

* I'll spend at least two more nights up at the theatre this week: But Thursday? Opening Night. And then Eurydice will go forward on her own.
Tags: costumes, sewing, theatre

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