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Nolan watches Eclipse

I finally got around to downloading Eclipse, and wasn't lucky enough to watch it in peace. My husband sat in the kitchen with me and mocked my girlie vampire movie. Oh, Lord. I'm not even going to list all of his smart ass comments, but here are some highlights from the last 15 minutes.

On Jacob and Edward's convo while Jacob keeps Bella warm in the tent:

"Why don't those two just send Bella down the mountain and get after it?"

On Bella and Jacob's second kiss; the one where she asks him to kiss her:

"Aw. They're all going to have furry little blood-sucking babies, aren't they?"

On Emmett pulling a newborn vampire's arms off:

"That's the coolest thing that's happened in hours."

On Jacob's cofession that he is 'exactly right' for bella:

"Young love makes me want to vomit."

And the pièce de résistance... When Edward and Bella are in the meadow and he slides the engagement ring onto her finger, Nolan said:

"Form of: an ice bucket!"

Thank you, folks. He'll be here all week.
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