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There's entirely too much drama around here before eight a.m.

Two cute (or disturbing, depending on your perspective) kid stories:

(Ethan and Aaron are having french toast, Carrie has only had half a cup of coffee. Aaron is coughing, the performance is one quarter actual cough and three quarters drama to see if he might get to stay home.)

Aaron. (gasp) Oh, my gosh. Mom, I just coughed up my tonsil.

Ethan. Dude. You don't even need those. You're still going to school.

Aaron. (disappointed sigh) It was worth a shot.

Ethan. (whispers) Tone it down. Too much and she gets out the Robitussin.


(The boys have to come to us and request to do extra-curricular activities; we don't put them in every sport/class from which they get a flyer at school. Aaron brings me a karate flyer and immediately starts campaigning.)

Aaron. Karate is awesome. See? (points to flyer) It helps kids develop confidence and get into shape!

Carrie. You don't have confidence?

Aaron. (dismissively) I don't know what that is. But I want abs!

Carrie. Not a good reason to spend $99.

Aaron. (points to flyer again) But that includes the costume!

Carrie. They call it a uniform in sports, big guy.

Aaron. Whatever. It's free and I'll be able to beat up Ethan!

Carrie. You're so not helping your cause.


Is this normal? Does everyone have this level of entertainment before they're finished with their coffee?
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