Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

'Weekend Roundup' or 'Theatre, Strippers and Bambi, Oh, My!"

So I have lots to say.

I have lots to say in general, usually, (maybe I should work on that) but more specifically, I have a lot to catch you up on, having had my life eaten by the theatre for the last week.

* South Pacific is going well. It's been all but sold out for the entire run, which is always gratifying. It's a fun cast and crew, and I've made some great new friends. I love new friends, don't you?

* I have switched from Sonic diet cokes to 44oz iced teas from a drive-through convenience store here in town. I chose the drive thru not because of my inherent laziness, oddly enough, but because before I head to the theatre, I roll up my hair in two different sets of hot rollers and do my stage makeup. (Not a look anyone can particularly rock, and not one I enjoy showing off in public.) The makeup involves, among other things, putting on some false eyelashes and a metric ton of blush. So Friday night I'm going through to get my iced tea, as I've done every night of the run, and the girl at the window gives me the eyebrow.

Girl. Hey, there.

Me. Can I have an unsweetened iced tea, please?

Girl. Sure. On your way to work?

Me. (opens mouth to answer, and then thinks wth?) Um. No.

I mean, did she think I was a stripper? Because that's what I think she was getting at. If I'm being mistaken for a stripper, Amarillo must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for adult entertainment, is all I have to say.

* Ethan got cast in Tom Sawyer as one of the boys in Tom's gang. It's gonna be a cute show. It's a really strong cast. I might die of all the cute.

* I went to a bar with some friends from the show Saturday night. Can I just thank the good Lord God Almighty that I don't have to date anymore? Or do that whole game/dance of the single girl. It's got to be absolutely exhausting. Though Nolan had a good point. If people are looking for a potential girlfriend/boyfriend in a bar, that's like looking for a diamond in a goat's butt.

My husband. He does have a way with a metaphor, doesn't he?

* Speaking of the boy, he's off on Thursday for his annual "I've got to go and teach Bambi a lesson" trip with his friend Todd. But don't worry, all you animal lovers out there, he said he only shoots the deer that are bad news - the ones that beat their wives and cheat on their taxes. *snort*

* I went to sleep at 8:30 last night and slept for 10 hours. Good times.

* Having a cast party on Saturday night at the house. If you're in town and up at midnight, come on by for drinks and food. Should be a good time!

* What is the CW waiting for, posting their online episodes? I'm having Sam and Dean withdrawal.

* I started a new painting that I'm dying to finish, but I have nine million other things that are taking precedence right now. Like costumes of Eurydice. Must go pull things from storage and determine what needs to be constructed.

* And Bianca, Sharlene and Celeste? I fail at getting last month's prizes to you. I will, you know I will. Please forgive the tardiness.

* Lastly, September's contest ends this week! It's not too late to enter and win a $25 gift card to The Gap!

So that's it. Well, no, there was probably more, but I've forgotten it, due to age and general business of the brain. In any case, I hope you all have a great week!

Love, love!
Tags: contest, pain in the ass lady story, random, supernatural, theatre

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