Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Cute Kid Stories & Nolan's Birthday

Happy birthday to my sweet husband, nolankyle !

On the phone and near the food.  Two perpetual things he does.

Oh.  And snaking my laptop, having a beer and looking at the Paramount Baseball League Website, moaning about how his guys are stinking it up.  He does that, too.

He loves his boys.  He's a great dad, training up our little men in the way they should go.

Even though I tease him mercilessly, I adore him.  And he loves me, too. 

So happy forty-first, Captain America.  You don't look a day over thirty-nine.  ;)

(So we're going into Wal-Mart (rawr) yesterday, and Nolan says something to the kid in the car next to us.  The kid's just sitting there and eating his breakfast.  I think Nolan asked him if he'd share, just joking around.)

Aaron.  Dad, don't do that.

Nolan.  Do what?

Aaron.  Talk to people you don't know.

Nolan.  More people need to be friendly.  It's not bad to talk to people.  Not everyone is John Wayne Gacy.

Me. Hey, babe?  I don't know that you should be making parallels between yourself and a serial killer to the eight year-old.

Aaron.  (scoffs and rolls his eyes)  Pfft.

Me.  What?

Aaron.  You can't kill cereal.


So yeah.  We didn't damage him that time.  Dodged a bullet, there.


(Yesterday, Ethan had just finished his first audition - Tom Sawyer - and we were at Rudy's, about to eat dinner.)

Ethan.  I  wiped off the table.

Me.  I'm shocked.  You cleaned it off?

Ethan. (gets that 'look' he gets when he's messing with me) Yeah.  I poured some of this barbeque sauce on it and scrubbed it with a napkin.

Me.  Listen, Pal.  Just because you auditioned for Tom Sawyer doesn't mean you can start lying all the time.

Ethan.  It's not lying, Mom.  It's acting.  (Scoffs)

Me.  ....  Um.  Right.


What am I supposed to say to THAT, I ask you?
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