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Theatre Documentary

Mostly this post is for my mother, who isn't going to get to see the show I'm currently in. But for everyone else, this is sort of cool. Mark Robertson-Baker, a filmmaker/director here in town is filming a documentary/ad spots for ALT during the process of South Pacific.

I'm in all three videos, but the last one is probably the best. It includes the follies routine on a teeny tiny stage on the stage, and I find it amusing that I'm continually looking down so that my lard ass isn't going to FALL OFF.

My audition starts at 3:11; and then it's followed by someone who can actually sing...

Singing rehearsals. At the end of the French version of Bali Hai, the look on my face says, "Oh, I am SO not singing the right note." And it took me a week to figure out that the French Lyrics were the same as the English ones. Just in French. *headdesk*

The Follies Number starts at 5:09, but the whole thing is pretty interesting, from a design standpoint.

Keep in mind that these are rehearsals. So nothing is quite finished or perfectly polished. Even so, it's still pretty good!
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