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Product Recommendations

It's that time again, when I just have so much love for things in my life that I feel it's my duty to share it with you all. It's that or moan about how old I'm getting; I was chatting with one of the chorus boys in the show and inadvertently found out that I'm TWENTY years older than he is.

When did I get twenty years older than anyone?  Someone please tell me?

Anyway, onto more important things.

Swiffer Sweeper - If you have non-carpeted flooring, you NEED one of these.  I have a great vacuum, a Kenmore canister vac, but if you want quick, this guy ain't it.  It'll suck up anything you want, but dragging it around the house it unwieldy, sometimes.  The Swiffer Sweeper is cordless and does what a vacuum and a swiffer do in one step (for light messes).  We have hardwood floors, brick floors and tile in the downstairs, and it's perfect for a quick and easy cleanup.  The boys can use it without banging into the walls.  Best of all, it's under $40 bucks.  My love for this thing knows no bounds.  Use that $5 off coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond that comes in the mail every other week and go get one.  You wont be sorry.

Reebok Easy Tone - The lure of a better butt and thighs at the hand of a shoe was too much to resist!  Although I don't really believe the science behind it, I have to admit that these things are really, really comfortable.  It's like walking on a cloud made of pillows!  Well, as close as you can get in a workout shoe.  I'd recommend getting a size bigger than you normally wear, especially if you like thick socks.  And if the shoe really does reduce the size of my business, then hallelujah, and you'll be the first to know.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
- I've told you all how much I love this stuff before; I particularly love the geranium scent. I've used the counter top spray and the all-purpose cleaner for a few years, and I bought the laundry detergent last month.  With my front loading machine, it doesn't take much of it.  I also love Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener, but WARNING:  When used together, these make your clothes, and by default you, smell like old lady perfume mixed with stale Irish Spring.  In my opinion, not a good combo.  So use these two items, but separately, your you'll have to hold a handkerchief over your nose untill the scent dissipates. 

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain - This doesn't actually stain your lips, but it does stay on for a good long while without having to reapply.  And it doesn't feel sticky or crumbly like so many multi-hour lipcolors.

Hemingway Candle from Hobby Lobby
- The fact that I'm telling you about this only shows how much I love you all.  This is a subtle, non-flowery, clean scent that I really like.  I take the sticker off and tie a pretty ribbon around it and it doesn't look like I only spent $4 on it. (Because they go 50% off every other week!  Score!)  This all said, if I go to my Hobby Lobby and can't find these anymore, I'm gonna blame you all.  Just kidding.  Go.  Buy.  Make your house smell pretty.  Thank me later.

Gillian & O'Malley Nightie - Seriously the most comfortable nightie ever.  Knit.  Breathable.  Attractive.  Comfy.  Get one.  Unless you're a boy.  Then that'd be awkward.

The Help - My sister-in-law recommended this book, and I really enjoyed it.  I devoured it in a day, and didn't want to stop reading.  It's written in the voice of a less-educated black maid in the early 1960's, and although that didn't bother me at all, I know that some people unacquainted with how some people talk in the South might find it a stumbling block.  I loved it, though.  It gave a glimpse into how far we've come in race relations, and how lucky we are to be living in the day and time that we do.    4 out of 5 stars.  :)

What have you been enjoying lately?  Share with me!
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