Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

*warning for unfunniness*

It feels like I've been running, running, running... with absolutely no respite for the last five days.

Of course, if that were the case, I'd be laid out flat in the hospital, because no matter how much time on the elliptical I spend, it isn't the same as running.

I digress.

Saturday morning, one of Nolan's closest friends passed away. We knew it was coming. He developed pancreatitis and had a heart attack, subsequently was in the CCU, and then the last week and a half of his life was moved to hospice. Scott was funny and dry and sarcastic and never gave Nolan an inch. I'd known him for about 16 years, dating back to when Nolan and I were just friends, and the two guys lived together. Nolan's a pallbearer and the funeral is this morning.

I'm emotional about it. 39 year-old men should not die. Parents should not have to bury their children.

Yet I know that God has a plan, and I know that Scott was a Christian. He's in heaven with the Lord and that's fantastic. It gives me comfort. And I'm happy that Scott isn't in pain anymore.

It also leaves us with a lot of questions.

Once I do get to heaven, there's a list of people I need to chat with, starting with Eve. "Why the apple, sister? The rest of the garden not good enough?"

Anyhow, that's where I've been, dealing with family stuff and not feeling altogether chatty. However, I hope everyone out there is well, and that you have a great rest of the week!
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