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This is a hair rant. Skip if you wish.

So I told my hair guy I wanted red.  I know that's what I said, I heard myself saying it.  However, that was not what I got.  I got brunette.  It's a great cut, but not AT ALL what I asked for.  $140 down the tubes.  My hair guy, (he's never let me down before this week) is going through chemotherapy.  I don't want to ask him to re-do it.  He's so tired.  But what can I do (In six weeks) to try and get what I want?  ARRGH!  Emily?  Anyone? Suggestions?  Check out the pictures, and tell me what to do!


What I had before (my natural color with highlights) was better than this.  Better cut though.  Is this the MOST vain post ever?  Sorry.

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