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Thundersnow?  Is that even a meteorological term?  I think the guy on channel ten is making crap up.  

We've had some very wintry weather...  all the snow from the last storm finally melted, and then it started raining yesterday with below freezing temperatures.  Last night it snowed, only about 2 inches, but enough to dust eveything and make it absolutely beautiful. However, what this left us with was a half an inch of solid ice covered with a dusting of snow, which makes for horrible driving conditions.  Was school cancelled?  No, it was not.  I won't even comment.  I will share pretty pics, though.

The icon today is in giddy anticipation of my becoming a redhead again!  Hubby is even taking care of the boys while this happens, as I don't want to drive to the MIL's house (it really is over the river and through the woods) in this weather.

And I got my first piece of international mail ever!  Thanks dragonsangel68!  How fun!
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