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Admittedly, their hair is a little long, here. One of Nolan's friends asked him "what's up with the mullet," the other day.

But this is just crazy.

This is with hat hair added.

He kept asking me if he was going to have to be bald. I told him little eight year-old boys that cut their own hair don't get to worry about having it shaved off.

This is what happens when you let your husband take your son to a second rate haircut place. Lord have mercy. It's uneven, and there was nothing the stylist could do without making him look even more like a cancer patient.

Also, he's a goob.

She tried blending instead of cutting it all to the same length. All considered, it looks pretty good.

A little smug for a kid in trouble, don't you think?

And then they wanted to spend their allowance and bought these.

I can't help but think they look like Perry the Platypus.

The fact that I know who this is says summer's entertainment is sorely lacking.
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