Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Recycled Soap

Wow. I've got to come up with a new name for this stuff.

I made soaps the other day, because apparently I've become stuck in the mid-1800's. If I turn in Colin the sexy black Toyota Sequoia for a horse and buggy, I'm going to need one of you to stage an intervention.

And the soaps aren't really recycled. I didn't use "used" soaps. That would be kind of icky, huh?

No, I used those hotel soaps that they lay out on the vanity of all the hotels in which we stay while we're traveling, and that I never use because I bring my own body wash and mesh sponge. Yet, I still TAKE the soaps. Why, you ask?

Pffft. Free soap?

I dunno. It's a sickness, I suppose, and frankly, not the worst one I have. But this is not a blog that will make a foray into the deep psychological soap thieving issues that I have, but rather a superficial post about what you can do with something that you already have.

Sometimes superficiality is for the best, don't you agree?  Besides, it's a Monday, and everyone knows Thursdays are reserved for all deep-seated issues.

Okay, enough with the psychological nonsense.  See? New soap. And some of them are spectacularly good quality. (Because my hubs takes me to some pretty nice places. ;)  And because every time I order from Lush, they send me little samples.)

First, you unwrap them.


Look how cute this one is! I almost hate to use it.

But I'm soldiering on.

You take the old-fashioned grater, rather than a microplaner or one of the newer graters, because we're looking for chunks of soap rather than a fine powdery shavings.

This one.

I used this side.

Don't grate your fingers. 

You might think this is obvious, but I'm throwing in the advice there because I nearly always do...

It's pretty, don't you think?

Then you take some oats.  And you upload the picture sideways, to throw everyone off.

Throw in a handful or so of the oats.

Then you sprinkle a little water over the mixture, and pop it in the microwave for one minute intervals until the soap starts to expand and bubble up.

When it looks ready (Yeah, all of a sudden I've become my granny with recipes and I'm all vague. It's probably part of being stuck in another century. Use your best judgment), maybe two and a half, three minutes, you take it out and stir it all together, taking care to mush everything well.

"Mush" is a technical term, when used here.

Then you carefully take the mixture and spoon it into a greased (with olive oil) muffin tin (this one's an old one that I don't use much, because it's too shallow for normal muffin cups). When I say 'carefully,' I mean it, 'cause this stuff is freaking hot and it retains heat like a mother.

That's another technical term.

Smooth over the top, and wait for the soap to cool completely.

Pop them out of the muffin tin and allow then to dry out for a day or so. Trim up the edges, so they're pretty...

And then wrap them up in a sack (this one's leftover from party favors from one of the boys' birthdays), and give them away as sweet little handmade gifts, or stick 'em in your shower and use them yourself! These are pretty cool because the oatmeal is an awesome exfoliate.

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