Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

My kids are sick and twisted. Wonder where they get that?

So Aaron had an accident while we were in Arlington (I forget how, because honestly! Who can remember every bump and bruise these boys get?) that caused some trauma this morning.

He'd stubbed his toe, and his pinkie toenail was hanging on by a thread. And instead of finding it while I'm sweeping one day next week, I decided to cut the dead toenail off.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth when I got out the nail clippers. Because AJ is dramatic, too.

Wonder where he gets that?

Anyway, two seconds later, I cut off the dead nail with no pain whatsoever, because I'm cool like that with my mom!powers, and then he looked at me and held out his hand.

With an omgoodnessimgrossedout face, I handed it to him, and he goes in the living room to proudly show his big brother.


Ethan. (looks at toenail, is mildly impressed) Ew.

AJ. (proud) Yeah.

Ethan. Maybe if you put it under your pillow, the toenail fairy will come.

AJ. (excited) Really?

Carrie. No. I assure you, there is no such thing as the toenail fairy. That toenail is worth nothing. Throw it away.

Ethan. No! Maybe if you put it under your pillow, the tooth fairy will think it's a really gross tooth.

AJ. (even more excited) Really?

Carrie. No. She's not that easily fooled. The tooth fairy's a pretty sharp cookie.

Ethan. (smiles at me) I don't know about that.

He's cheeky. Wonder where he gets that?

A hundred bucks says I find that nasty thing while I'm sweeping next week. *sigh*

And Ethan finally got to spend part of the money his Papa Jim sent him for his birthday! So we went out and got the Harry Potter Lego video game. It's SO stinking cute. And clever! And maybe a bit scandalous... in CoS when Dobby the House Elf works his mojo on Lucius Malfoy, after Harry frees the elf with a sock, instead of the violent treatment of being thrown 20 feet, Lucius' lego trousers disappear, leaving him with hot pink briefs.

Oh, Lego game developers. You slay me, putting stuff in to entertain the moms, too. ;)

I'm off to the grocery store to load up on stuff for the fourth and our dinner party tonight, but I'll post the winners of June's contest and my exciting (yeah, probably only to me) idea for July's contest before I leave town again!
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