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Movie Review Monday

I've grown bored with posting on  livejournal a little, so here's my attempt to make it less boring.  (For me, anyway.  I can't promise anything for you people.)

I bring you...*drum roll*  Movie Review Monday!  Okay, so none of these movies are new releases, but I'd either never seen them, or I saw them so long ago that I'd forgotten how awesome they are.)  We're working with a 5 star system, okay? * * * * *

A Walk on the Moon was really, really good.  It stars Diane Lane, Liev Schreiber (Manchurian Candidate, Scream 2, The Omen) and Viggo Mortensen.  Recap:  A 1960's housewife cheats on her husband with a travelling salesman whilst staying at a "Dirty Dancing" type vacation resort.  Well done.  Diane Lane plays angst so well.  She even looks pretty when she cries, (and we can't all say that, now can we?) which is a must for her films.  There's no scenery-chewing acting from anyone but Liev, who as the husband, goes nuts when he finds out his wife slept with someone else.  This is also the first thing I've seen him in where he had any redeeming qualities at all.  He always plays evil, and he really does it well,   but he was absolutely adorable in this film, especially when he was trying to dance to contemporary music.  Aww!  *snunggles Liev*  Added bonus:  Viggo without a shirt.  *fans self*  
My hubby didn't watch because he feels very stongly about infidelity, even the pretend kind.  But he also wanted me to rewind when he found out that Diane Lane was topless at Woodstock.  Not a chance, buddy.  I give it * * * * , it was very good, and it held my attention, I didn't want to get up and do laundry in the middle of it.

A Room With a View
Set in the turn of the century (fabulous costumes, btw) it's a movie about a girl's decision between the safe guy and the hot guy.  This movie came out in 1986, and I saw it in high school when my mother rented it, and remember thinking, why did she even give Daniel Day-Lewis the time of day?  Twenty years later, I found myself thinking the exact same thing!  It was absolutely beautiful, with the barley fields and the poppies, and that kiss!  There was that weird full frontal male nudity part that had three of the characters running about with all of their bits and pieces showing...  I just chalk it up to the Brits and their full monty-ness.  Daniel Day-Lewis was completely unattractive, but Julian Sands (so young!) ... YUM!  I kept wishing Helena Bonham Carter's hair was red through the whole thing.  Thanks for the recommendation, rainpuddle!  I give it * * * *.  Hubby said, "Not enough car chases or killing."  Well, yes, there was a lack of both of those things.

The Man in the Moon
This had to be one of Reese Witherspoons very first movies...  she is so young...  maybe 15?  The movie is about a young girl's first crush, and how he falls in love with her older sister.  I wish movies came with warnings like fan faction.  There was character death in this one that I was totally unprepared for.  Heartbreaking.  It was good, but I don't ever need to see it again.  I give it * * * ...  I like my Reese grown up.  Hubby said it was okay.  He was playing a video game while I was watching it.

I'm also reserving judgement on the whole LiveJournal change up of pages and postings.  It might be getting on my nerves, but I'm really not sure yet.
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