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This is good to know.

So I go to my four year old's nursery school to see his Christmas pageant this afternoon, and it was cute.  They were dressed up like a nativity scene:  Mary, Joseph, shepherds, kings, etc.  They sang "Away in a Manger."  My son did all of the hand motions that they's made up to go with the carol, but he didn't sing.  Never opened his mouth, but was smiling and happy.  Later, I asked him why he didn't sing, and he said, "Mom.  Please.  Shepherds don't sing.  They might wake up the sheep."

Silly me.

He then informed me that he did *not* want to be a shepherd when he grew up.  When I asked why, he said, "Because I'm going to be Spiderman.  And Spiderman doesn't have time to follow sheep around all day."

Again, how could I have missed this?  The wisdom of the very young...
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