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The nominations are in!

Y'all head on over to vote in the dgficexchange. I was pretty pleased with the variety of nominations; this is the first year I've ever gotten around to nominating anything, so that makes me all proud.

Also, I always feel very guilty about voting for myself. Is that weird? I never know what to do.

And I never take notes on the stories, so now I have to go back and read what's in each nomination category so I can vote properly. Or I could just go and click ticky boxes at random...

Kidding... mostly.

(We're in the car, coming back from dinner at the in-laws. Ethan is waxing poetic on all the things he would buy if he had enough money. The subject turns to cars and so forth... )

Ethan. You know what I really want you to buy for me?

Me. (with trepidation) What?

Ethan. An underground lair. So I could build my own car.

Me. (is confused) Like Batman?

Ethan. (scoffs) No, like Tony Stark. (Who evidently surpassed Batman in coolness when I wasn't looking)

Nolan. Sorry, son. If I had enough money for an underground lair, I'd buy one for myself.

Ethan. But that's where I'm building my car!

Nolan. No, you're not, 'cause I'm not telling you where it is!

Ethan. (indignant) Then where am I going to build my car?!

Meanwhile... I sit alone in my estrogen.

Lastly? Rugby players wear very short shorts, FYI.
Tags: cute husband story, cute kid story, dgficexchange

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