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May's Winner and June's contest

It was a hard month to be a judge, but some great fic came out of it!

The entries were:

Doubt (Tony/Ziva) by abitofayla
Untitled (Jim/Pam) by goeungurl
Untitled (Mal/Inara)by filia_umbrae
Fairytale Ending (D/G) by embe11ished . Read these and leave the authors some love!

And the winners are:

1st place: Embe11ished for her wonderful Fairytale Ending. Jennifer will receive a handmade bag (Colors you like would be a help) a gift certificate to itunes (or Best Buy, if you'd rather, and a Lush bath bomb.)
2nd Place: abitofayla for some Tiva goodness in Doubt.
3rd Place: (A tie. COULDN'T be helped, they were equally as good, just totally different) For the Untitled Drabbles: a funny, perfectly IC offering by goeungurl and a swoon-worthy Mal/Inara (why didn't those kids just ADMIT they loved each other in the show?) by filia_umbrae .

You second and third placers will just have to be surprised by your prizes; and I think you'll be pleased, all the same. (If it's not too much trouble, would you leave me your addresses in a PM or send them to I'm notorious for losing addresses.) Congratulations to you all!

June's contest: Birthstones. I'm a little obsessed with birthstones, I'm drawn to all of them, and love them! I don't adore my own, funnily enough, but every time I go by a jewelry store in the mall, I linger over the birthstone section. :) SO. If this inspires you, feel free to write a drabble/story with your choice of any pairing, draw me a picture, make an (or a batch of) icon(s). Or whatever else you think of. I'm still a little punch drunk from being delirious with fever for the last two days.

Good luck to you all!

Edit:  I suck, suck, suck out loud.  In my fever-induced delirium, I forgot the very first person to submit for May. eustacia_vye   wrote Nearer to You, a cracky, naughty, fun D/G, R/P that had me giggling and smiling all the way through.  SO sorry, Mylan.  You know I love you, right?  You get a little something, too, just for being awesome.  Send me your address!
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