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Oh, dear heavens above, I'm BEAT.

We're back from the whirlwind trip to Denver/the mountains.

Home sweet home.

Their kids were sick before we got there, BIL got sick Saturday night, and I was up 'til 5:30 last night with poor Ethan. I've never seen him so sick, and I had nothing for him. The middle of the night in a strange town? It was a stupid, helpless feeling. And there was nothing I could do but hold his little head and pat him. He's marginally better today. He drank some Sprite, had some bread and part of an apple. Poor kid.

But. We're home. And summer has officially started. I'm not even waiting on the summer solstice. It's dragging it's feet, anyway. It's warm, the kiddos are out of school, the pool is beckoning, and I'm determined to make the most of it all.

Got some new recipes from the SIL. (We drank some great wine, too.) Will post about them because they are supper yummy. And summery. But not today. Because I don't plan to move too much more, today.

Ah, and one more thing, The Contest For May ends tonight (or before I get up in the morning - I don't anticipate that being super early, either). All you lovelies that wanted prompts, tonight is the night! Go here to post or request a prompt, if you're that girl (or boy? I have 2 on the f-list) who enjoys the pressure of a impending deadline. :D

Ready to write. And sleep. And cook. And sew. And lay (in the shade) by the pool.

Bring it on, summertime. I'm ready.

Tags: contest, ethan, food, i'm sick, recipe, vacation

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