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By (buy) the Numbers/Writing

This idea was stolen shamelessly from my little sister's blog.  I didn't even ask.  She prolly stole it from somewhere else.


0 - number of gifts that I have purchased for my children so far.

1 - number of gigantic piles of laundry waiting for me to get my butt off the computer and fold it.

2 - number of times I spoke with my mother on the phone today.

3 - number of candles I bought myself today (they were 50% off!)

4 - people left on my Christmas list to buy for.

5 - times I spoke with hubby on the phone regarding our account with the Discover Card bastards*.

6 - servings of caffiene I've had so far today (It's only 3:30).

7 - number of stores I went in today.

8 - number of gift boxes I had to BUY.  Does anyone remember when the stores gave these out for free?!

9 - number of times I picked the blasted sofa cushions off the floor and put them back on the frickin' sofa.

10  - number of times the word "bastards" was used in aforementioned phone conversation to describe Discover Card people**.

13 - number of people I bought Christmas gifts for today.

67 - number of times I said some variant of the phrase, "Aaron, stay with me."

$780.38 - number of dollars spent in attempt to get everyone bought for on my list in one day.  (I feel a little sick, actually)

*Hubby has had an account with Discover for 12 years and pays it off every month.  We miss ONE payment, and they suspended our account.  There is absolutely no grace in the world sometimes.

**sometimes the people that they have working "customer service" have NO idea what that term means.

So I got a very pleasant email from mynuet this morning saying that I no longer had to wait in the queue to get my stories posted of D&  I feel as if I've come a long way in a short amount of time...  Couldn't get the first one on there in forever(I blame journalism), and now?  Easy Street.  Never fear.  I'll still use a beta.  :)

A question.  Does anyone else do this?

Write on whatever little scrap happens to be around, or write everything out longhand in a journal, then type it all?  It seems to flow better for me that way, or else I sit at the computer dumfounded...  like the electricity somehow sucks my creative soul.  (This, by the by, is contessanatasha's Christmas present...  almost done!)

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