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And so it begins.

Monday I began a new diet/exercise regime. It's homeopathic. We shall see.

All I know is that nothing in my closet fits and I groan every time I see a picture of myself. That's no good. Something must be done.

Also, I'm thinking of starting to run with my ten year-old. His football coach (Gah, I am not EVEN going to get on my soapbox about THAT) suggested that he run a half a mile to a mile three or four times a week. I found this program. Several of my friends have done it and it worked for them. It may not work for my knees, though. They're cranky.

Metabolism? Why did you leave me at age twenty five? I miss you.

The reason for all this? My twenty year high school reunion is in 2011 (typing that made me a little ill, I'm not going to lie) and we're going on another cruise in February of 2011 with a bunch of damn skinny girls. I'm never gonna be skinny, (Nolan wouldn't like that anyway) but I can at least be in a place where the work "swimsuit" doesn't send me into convulsions.

I'll keep you folks posted.
Tags: diet, i'm old!

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