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Adventures in Marriage

There are things Nolan does that drive me nuts. Three things, to be exact. I don't liked to be yelled at from all the way across the house, I don't like it when he leaves his stuff in a heap on the bar when he comes home from work, and I don't like it when he tickles or jumps out of the corners to scare me. But so, so, SO many things I do annoy the hell out of him. Too many to be enumerated here. Honestly? It's because he cares about everything. And that's a good quality, sometimes. But it does tend to wear on one a bit. Also, I don't care enough about things. It's one of the reasons we work so well together.

For instance, one of the myriad of things I do that annoys the crap out of my handsome husband is leaving cabinet doors open. (Sound familiar, anyone?) I also have a penchant for not turning off lights when I leave a room. This isn't so awful, right? But in our master bathroom, we have what I call a water closet. It's a little room that has the toilet and the cabinet and not much else; because although we've been married nearly twelve years, going to the bathroom in front of one another is just not something we do. You've simply GOT to leave a little bit to the imagination. Have a hint of mystery and all that.

In any case, this water closet? I leave the light on in there sometimes (all the time), and then when we get ready to go to bed, there's a light bleeding from underneath the door and guess whose side of the bed is closer? His. So he's been harping on me to turn off the light.

Now I know it isn't right, but sometimes I do things just to hack him off. The little stuff? The stuff that's really NOT a big deal? Yeah, in retribution for the tickling or the scaring, I might do that.

And I'll lie like a rug if you ask me to my face. "Why, no!" I'd say, aghast at the thought. "I'd never!


But sometimes, most times, I just forget. If it's not important enough to cause me pain, I generally can't be fussed. It's a character flaw, I know.

About two weeks ago, I walk in the WC, close the door behind me and was faced with this:


It IMMEDIATEY rankled me. First of all, it's in all caps. Like he's yelling at me. And he started out with a black sharpie that needed to be thrown away and then had to switch to a brown one and just didn't care how it looked, and then the fact that OFF is double underlined. None of it's punctuated. It's not even a complete sentence.

But what REALLY pisses me off? It fricking works. I've turned that stupid light off every time I've left the room.


You won this battle, Nolan Kyle. But the war isn't over.
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