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Product Recommendations

I haven't done this in awhile, so I thought I'd share with all of you what products I use that make my life better. I'm not getting any money from this, obviously, and these are just my opinions. This is a girly, completely self-indulgent and superfluous post. If you're looking for the meaning of life, you'd be better off moving on. And I don't know that you'll actually find the meaning of life on a blog, anyway. But you never know.

1. Nivea "A Touch of Happiness" body wash - True, this is a bit mundane, but I have a low threshold for happiness and that's a good thing, sometimes. I've been crazy about citrus scented stuff for some time now, and this stuff makes me smile when I put it in my mesh sponge. It's just moisturizing enough, and it doesn't have those annoying bath beads that stay in the bottom of the tub. And all for under five bucks. It's a win.

2. Satsuma Body Butter - From The Body Shop, this stuff isn't as thick as the butter from Bath and Body Works, but the smell is FABULOUS. I don't wear it during the day; I put it on before I go to bed because the scent is heavy and interferes with my perfume, but it's yummy smelling for sure.

3. Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment - This is from the Body Shop, too. I live in a windy, arid climate that sucks all the moisture from your skin as soon as you step outside the door. This is lovely; it has a little jobby to push back your cuticles and the almond oil softens them beautifully so the don't crack and break and make me look like a fourteen year-old with hangnails.

4. Rosemary Musk Candle - From Anthropologie. Smells fantastic. Get one. You'll love it. Not too flowery, not too masculine, just right.

5. Oxy Clean - Yes, yes, this is the stuff from the infomercials, but it really works. ON EVERYTHING. I put a scoop in with the boys' jeans and the grass stains come out without scrubbing. It's removed: Red wine, marker, crayon, chocolate and pet stains from a variety of surfaces of my home. I even put some in the mop water when I do the brick floors in the kitchen and it makes the hard to clean grout look new.

Dear heavens. I just discussed grout. Sorry.

If our maid was worth a damn, I wouldn't have to be concerned with it.

Oh, wait. I'm the maid. Moving on.

6. Pretty Feet and Hands - This stuff is awesome; it's a dry exfoliant, that is, it doesn't use water at all. It gets rid of flaky, dry skin and leaves you with the baby soft skin underneath.

7. Line Exact Liquid Liner - I've used the expensive eyeliners, and this one from Cover Girl goes on easily and STAYS on. I've gone through several tubes since October when I first bought it.

8. Maybelline Vibrating Mascara - I know what some of you are thinking. WHY WOULD YOU PUT SOMETHING THAT VIBRATES NEAR YOUR EYE?! I thought this stuff was a scam when I first used it, but then I practiced a bit and I'm on my third tube now and I really, really like it. It defines and separates each lash with a little vibrating pulse. It flakes after about 10 hours, but after about 10 hours, I'm about to take my makeup off, anyway.

9. Maybelline Eyelash Curler - Again, for less than six bucks, you can buy one of the steps to achieve great lashes. I turn the hair dryer on mine for five seconds and then curl my lashes, let them cool and apply mascara. Works like a charm.

10. Versace Bright Crystal - This is a perfume I've been wearing since January. Everytime anyone hugs me, they say, "Wow, you smell great!"

Which is a weird thing to say, now that I think about it.

And for all you fanfic readers: Have you been to the dgficexchange to read? There are some real gems over there so far. Have a lovely Sunday!
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