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Cute Kid Story

We're wrapping up Holy Week over here, and for Good Friday, our pastor called for a churchwide fast for Good Friday from sunup to sundown. It wasn't mandatory or anything, but Nolan and I chose to participate. After sundown, however, we SPRINTED from the house to get takeout from Pei Wei.

I took Ethan with me since AJ had already crashed hard at 7:30 (and he made a big deal out of asking if he could stay up as late as he wanted, the cutie) and instead of singing along with the radio like we do when both of the boys are in the car, I flipped it off and started talking to my son. We had a great talk about his teachers and school, friends and so forth, and then, on a lark, I asked him if he had a girlfriend.

Ethan. No.

Me. No?

Ethan. Nope.

Me. Do any of your friends have girlfriends?

Ethan. Yeah, all of them do.

Me. Really.

Ethan. (As if this is unbelievable) Yeah!

Me. Is there anybody you like?

Ethan. Yeah. Lauren.

Me. Does she like you?

Ethan. Nah.

Me. Why not? You're cute! You're adorable!

Ethan. I know!

All I can say is that I'm SO glad that all of those girls in the 4th grade are idiots, and my kid has too much hubris to be bothered by it all. Praise GOD.
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