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Let me catch you up: Part One

They're building a road that will connect my neighborhood to a major thoroughfare in our little burgh.

I'm okay with this. I am. But the *%$$#*s building said road start at 'o dark-thirty in the morning, and have littered our front yard with these suckers. They look like giant concrete toilet paper rolls.

Okay, not our front yard. The empty lots across the street from our front yard, which AJ calls our front yard. He was indignant when they first started keeping them there.

Until he found out that they were awesome to play on.

I did draw the line at rolling them down the hill, and even though I maintain that my boys could screw up an anvil, these things are concrete, and they didn't put a fence around them, so all the neighborhood kids have been crawling all over them for three weeks. Yesterday, the work crews started moving them over to the road under construction.

Guess who's indignant that they're taking away his awesome place to play? That's right, my newly turned eight year-old, Aaron.

Here's how it went this morning:

Carrie (While driving the kids to school in the SNOW - seriously! But that's another rant for a different day) Hey! Look! They're moving the giant concrete toilet paper rolls.

Aaron. (Disgusted huff) Can they do that?

Carrie. I suppose they can. They are.

Aaron. Who do we call to get them to leave a few?

He is his father's son, y'all.

In other news, the neck thing that's been happening with me - the one that caused Aiden's demise, has turned into a real problem. I've been to the chiropractor, and will continue to go until things get straightened out, (*cue rim shot sound effect*) but it's interfering with my sleep! I, like my husband and sons, am a champion, all-American sleeper. I could win gold medals if there was a competition in the event. Caffeine doesn't affect me, I can sleep through noise, go to sleep anytime, anywhere.

At least, that's what I thought. Until the chiropractor told me I can't sleep on my stomach.

Wha huh?

Turns out, I can't go to sleep on my back. I got, in total, about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night, which, I gotta say, AIN'T ENOUGH. So.

I'm going to try Tylenol PM. A sleep aid. A freaking sleep aid! I NEVER thought I'd need one. But the amount of sleep I've had in the last week isn't enough for anyone to live on, and I'm hanging by a thread. So look out, Mr. Sandman. You and I have a DATE tonight.

Brace yourself. I'm gonna rock your world.

Anyhoo, I'll leave you on a positive note.

Mom gave them to me the last time she visited, saying that they were too dangly for her.

All the more dangle for me! Woo hoo!
Tags: big ugly rant, cute kid story, picture, sleep deprivation

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