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Post Mortem for The Dixie Swim Club

What a wonderful show.

I'm not normally one for looking back. I keep one eye ahead, ever forward, but I can't help but to take a bit of time to acknowledge what a singular experience the past two months have been.

&hearts I got to work with an extraordinary amount of talent and dedication, both onstage and off.

&hearts I was part of a true ensemble. That is rare.

&hearts I got to work on a gorgeous set, with a crew who took excellent care of me.

&hearts I got to eat my weight in olives that I put in all my "martinis."

&hearts I had the good fortune to get to interpret a fabulous script with more funny lines than I'll probably ever see again.

&hearts I got to perform in front of sold out houses, who spoiled us with boisterous laughter that went on and on for ages. I do so love holding for laughs.

&hearts I got to dust off my "deep south" southern accent that I love so much.

&hearts It was the fastest strike ever. Like pulling off a band-aid.

&hearts I got to be a part of the director's vision, and brought my piece to be part of a really wonderful whole.

I'm tired, and frankly, still a little worse for wear from all the red wine I drank last night, but just wanted to put into words all of the love I have for the people that were a part of my family for the last eight weeks. I love this part of my life, the temporary little panaceas that are created with each and every play I do, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
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