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February's Contest Winner and March's Contest!

February should have more days. It's thrown me off all week long. I'm'a find out who's responsible and write a letter, petitioning for February to be a regular size month, instead of snack size.

So, anyway.

The winner of the February friends list contest is elle_blessing , who managed to work scripture into fan fiction. It was brilliantly done, and with one of my favorite ships!  You can read it in the comments to this post.  You can look for that Starbucks GC in the mail this week, Elle.  And I think you may have moved since I sent you something last, so...  email me your address, please?

March's Contest?  Are you ready?

Make me laugh!  (Please, make me laugh.  Dear God, what a week.)

Whoever tells the best joke, sends the best funny picture, writes the funniest story...  they'll win a $15 gift certificate to!

There you go!  *throws down gauntlet*

And you know what Ionesco said...  "Dying is easy; comedy is hard."

Put that in your martini and shake it.

Tags: contest, you can set a watch by my bad moods

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