Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Haiti Project

Remember THIS project?

I'm done.

Before the earthquake in Haiti last month, my husband and several good friends of his were set to go on a mission trip to Deschapelles, to help put a second story on one of the orphanages there. After the tragedy in January, their trip was postponed indefinitely. Now it's back on, and Nolan is going soon to do electricity and framing and plumbing, those sort of construction-y things. They're going to have an opportunity to take a lot of things with them that these people don't have, as well: food and clothes, supplies, and the woman leading the team is going to do a women's ministry in the neighboring village, so I volunteered to make my handy dandy tote bags, as gifts to give out.

I can't do a lot of things, but I can make pretty things. I believe they'll fill them with washcloths, towels and soap, etc.

My wonderful friend Stephanie ironed all of the interfacing on. Isn't she adorable? Her husband is also going on the trip.

It was like a sweatshop. I just chained her to the ironing board. She's faking that smile. She was really DYING to leave.

This one was my favorite. All velvet and red and black.

Or this one. Supercute faux quilting.

Or maybe this one. Look at the sweet daisies!

Anyhow,I've got that Freshly Completed Task glow, and I thought I'd share.

If you're bent that way, I know all of these men and their wives would appreciate your good thoughts and fervent prayers, that they'll touch lives, share the love of Christ and return home safely next week.
Tags: charities, cuteness beyond belief, nolan, picture

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