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For Lent this year, I felt God was saying to delve a little deeper than I normally do, so for the next 40 days, I won't be eating bread, meat or sweets. It'll make Easter all the sweeter. :)

So obviously to celebrate that decision, and to perhaps test the limits of my self-control, I decided to make peanut butter truffles that I saw on Bakerella's site. Makes sense, right?

Cast of characters: Nutter Butters (!!!! Nutter Butters! Right THERE you know you've got a winner) Chocolate Almond Bark, and cream cheese.

First you take the package of cookies, minus 5, and make them into crumbs. I used a food processor, but I'm sure that given enough time and dedication, you could do this with a baggie and a hammer.

I think that this and some butter would make a dynamite pie crust for a chocolate cream pie.

Anyway, once you do that, you take your softened cream cheese and give it another spin in the food processor.

Form into balls. I froze them, but I think it's probably best if you don't. The cold ball in contact with the warm bark caused cracks in the chocolate. I covered those up with the drizzly stuff, but just a heads up.Photobucket
See that trash in the background? I just want you all to feel at home, that this isn't some cleaned up version of me. Keepin' it real, over here.

You then put the almond bark in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring several times throughout. DO NOT use a plastic bowl. I like these fired bowls, made by my mom's husband, Tom. They're PERFECT for this. If you don't have one of these, or a Tom, I feel bad for you. :)Photobucket

Spoon chocolate over the peanut butter ball, and then lift it out with a fork underneath it so that the chocolate has a chance to drain away, and doesn't puddle around the candy.

But if it does puddle, score around it with a toothpick so it's pretty later.

The next bit is my favorite trick. You stretch an empty ziploc baggie in and around a coffee cup, and then spoon the topping for decoration in it.

Snip a hole in the corner of the baggie, and drizzle some prettiness over the tops of your truffles so that you cover up the cracks you made by freezing them.


I also drizzled them with peanut butter almond bark and put them in a pretty dish that my MIL got me for Christmas. :D

I won't be eating these or anything like them for 40 days. *sigh* Any of you giving something up for Lent?
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