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Games People Play

My little family unit plays a lot of games.

Not only the kind that you might think, although the boys did get Sorry! and LIFE for Christmas which is hours and hours (and hours) of family fun.

No. The games I like best are the ones we play because we always have. For example: The Slugbug Game. Some of you might call it "Punchbuggy." The premise of the original game is to yell out when you see a Volkswagon Beetle, name its color, and then punch your opposing team member in the upper arm.

We've modified the game for our purposes, because let's face it - My nine and seven year-old boys do not need another excuse to wail on each other.  So we don't hit each other, but it's still the most competitive game you've ever heard of.  Not only are the slugbugs worth a point, but Jeeps are worth one, and purple cars are worth ten.  People switch sides when it's convenient - no, sorry, only Aaron does that - and the screaming and flailing about is just a given.

There is also jinx - Jinx, for those of you who missed out on third grade, is enacted when two people say the same thing at the same time. Then the one who is on the ball, this meaning one of my stinking children, will say, "Jinx, you owe me a coke." If the jinx-ee doesn't want to buy the jinx-er a coke, and come on, I don't have that much pocket change on a daily basis, the jinxee cannot say anything until the jinx-er says their name.

I've been quiet a lot lately, as a result.

When I sat down to write this post I came up with four or five others. As a result of impending old age and/or memorizing lines and the dumping out of old information, I've forgotten them.

What games do you play?
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