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January Contest Winner and February's Contest!

Many, many thanks to elle_blessing , eustacia_vye , filia_umbrae  and goeungurl  for entering January's contest! Jessica and Mylan entered more than once and all the stories were varied and beautiful.   There were some really great drabbles on the replies to THIS POST if you missed it.  Go read and enjoy them.

The winner for this month is filia_umbrae , for her wistful, angsty, yet hopeful  Booth/Brennan drabble!  Congratulations!  Tell me what colors you prefer for your tote bag prize and I'll get right on it.  You can send your address to :D

And now...  
February's Contest!

For the month of luuuurve, and to win a $15 gift certificate to Starbucks, leave in the comments to this post:

your favorite quote about love,


write a drabble about true love, if you're so inspired,
('ships on the january contest post)


make a 'love' icon.

And with your prize, you can buy two and a half cups of fancy coffee. ;)  The entries are due February 28, by midnight.  (Honestly, I go to bed about 10:30, so as long as you get them in before I check my email on the 1st, you're golden. Enter as many times as you like, in a reply to this post.  Only those people on my friends list are eligible.  You can pimp this if you like, but if the folks aren't on my f-list, they can't win.  They are, of course, welcome to friend me and THEN enter.   'Cause I'm all about a way to get around the rules.

Spread the luuuuurrrrrve!  Enter!  Have fun!
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