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Friends List Contest!

I've decided that I'm going to run a little contest for my friends list every month in 2010.  It's fun.  I say YAY!

January's contest: Write me a drabble!

Said drabble has to be at least a hundred words (of COURSE it can be longer, I'm a bit long winded myself) in one of the following fandom categories:
Bones: Booth/Brennan
NCIS: Tony/Ziva
HP: Draco/Ginny, Pansy/Ron
Firefly: River/Jayne, Malcolm/Inara
Supernatural: (Brother fic is fine...but no slash, please)
True Blood: Eric/Sookie, Hoyt/Jessica
Castle: Castle/Beckett
Twilight: Jasper/Alice, Emmet/Rosalie
Friday Night Lights:  Any ship.  I'm not picky.

The winners will receive a handmade tote bag (Made by me - I've made some for several of my friends, ask around, most people like them) as seen here But with MUCH cooler fabrics.  I'll even let the winner choose her (his?) color.

The entries are due January 29, by midnight.  (Honestly, I go to bed about 10:30, so as long as you get them in before I check my email on the 30th, you're golden. Enter as many times as you like, in a reply to this post.  Friends list only are eligible.  You can pimp this if you like, but if the folks aren't on my f-list, they can't win.  They are, of course, welcome to friend me and THEN enter.   

Enough rules.  Happy Drabbling!
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