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My kids are with the in-laws for a few days and since I've been alone, I've had time to be very thoughty today, which isn't always necessarily a good thing.

Though I'm a solitary creature by nature, I also have a social side. I had a friend once tell me that relationships are cyclical. That we evolve and mature and move on, and sometimes move past the people that we were once close to.

I know that sometimes that relationships are bound by time, that sometimes due to family or other time constraints or distance, or lack of like interests, people are unable to remain close. I can understand that. It's a fault of mine, as well. A lot of my friends have gone by the wayside because of this.

I'm not talking about marriage, either. For me that's a covenant, not merely a relationship. It's a relationship I choose every day. Plus he's right here next to me, and too loud to ignore. ;)

But the people right here in my town? What do i do about them? It makes me wonder, as I blow through friendships left and right, if I'm not doing something wrong? Maybe I need to make more of an effort? But you can only give so much, you know? You can only put yourself out there so much without receiving anything in return. Maybe I'm bad company. That's possible. That sounded maudlin and self pitying, and I'm really not feeling that way at all. I'm pretty happy, actually. Just thoughty.

Ah, well. The kids are going to be gone for a few more days and I have a lot of time to sort through these thoughts, and maybe call a few of these estranged friends of mine to go have lunch. Or maybe not. I'm kind of alright by myself, too. :)
Tags: friends, pontification

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