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a. Go to flickr or photobucket.
b. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
c. Use only the first page.  (Come on.,  I didn't do that.)

1. Age you will be on your next birthday:

That number is disgusting.  Ugh.

2. 2. A place you'd like to travel:

London.  Not specifically big Ben.  Though I'm not adverse.

3. Your favorite place:

The beach.  And I love the ocean.

4. Your favorite object:

My bed.  You'd be surprised how many skeevy pictures of beds are on photobucket.

5. Your favorite food:

Mashed Potatoes!  YUM!

6. Your favorite animal:

Labrador retreivers.  And not just becasue one is currently warming my feet.  Though that helps.

7. Your favorite color:

Green.  How gross is this donut?  Ew!

8. The city in which you live:

Also the Spanish word for yellow.

9. The name of a past pet:

Mickey!  The first best pet I ever had.

10. Your nickname/screenname:

Persephone. This is a cool, if disturbing pic.

11. Your first name:

Carrie.  It was this or a pic of Sissy Spacek at the prom covered in pig's blood.  So....

12. Your middle name:


13.  Last name:  Nah.  Not interesting.

14. A bad habit of yours:

15. Your first job:

16. Your mother's name:

17. Your father's name:

I typed in Jimmy Don and got Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts.  Kinda cool.  :)

18. Your major in college:


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