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Life IS Fabulous!

My friends, I have had a GREAT couple of days.

My dad (who is one of the greatest friends I have) is in town and we've run around and cooked and hung out with the boys. We've gone shopping (Slowly, sedately - Daddy doesn't so ANYTHING quickly) we've had coffee and talked about everything and nothing, we've had sword fights with the boys (there's an epic battle going on as I type this: Nolan and the boys have turned all the lights off in the house and they're having a Nerf sword and lightsaber war. In the dark) and baked, decorated gingerbread houses and wrapped presents. Nolan's even climbed down from Mt. Crumpit where he usually camps out every Christmas and taken over getting gifts for the kids and his relatives - it's like Bizzaro World over here. I'm not loathing Christmas and everyone associated with it, and not stressed out at all. I'm even ENJOYING MYSELF.

Go figure.

In even better news, my sister and her husband got their first foster child placed with them today. God bless them; it isn't a sure thing that they'll get to keep the three week old that they're foster parenting, but their state is one who fosters to adopt, I think. (It'd break my heart, but Em says God's been preparing them for such an occasion.) They need prayer, though, from those of you so inclined. The baby has to stay in the hospital for five more weeks until he goes through drug withdrawals, and then they'll be able to take him home. I call him "him' and 'the baby' because as of this morning when they got the call that they had a foster child he didn't have a name. :( I'm sure he'll have one soon, though.

Wow. I'm so glad there are people like Em and her husband that have a heart for babies in tough situations. It warms my heart.

Christmas love to the f-list!

P.S. I didn't send Christmas cards this year. But that doesn't mean I don't love all of you. Because I do. And I certainly appreciate those of you that sent one to me. *big smooches*
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