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Nothing like a little humility to start your Tuesday...

Yesterday afternoon in the car driving across town, Ethan decides that all of my CDs are not worth listening to (I think I've not taken any out of the changer for a year), takes my ipod out of my purse and plugs it into the tape deck converter thingy, then in the time it would have taken me to discover that the little orange "hold" button is on, clicks his way to Journey's Greatest Hits, and informs me that he and some friends are singing "Don't Stop Believing" for their talent show.

Glee. The great music equalizer.

He informed me that no, he did most certainly did not need my help with choreography. *huffs*

That isn't the point of the story, though. We're driving along, singing at the top of our lungs (me having illicit thoughts about Cory Monteith and Ethan doing a passable Steve Perry), ignoring the eye rolling going on in Aaron's corner of the car, when Ethan abruptly stops the music.

And informs me that I'm singing the wrong words.

I say something along the lines of "Oh, ho, little blond boy who is nine years old! You think you know better than I who had this album on vinyl and then tape and then CD? You think you know better than me?"

All this said in a very smug Iknowmorethanyou tone of voice.

Turns out, he did in fact know more than me. Since 1981, or as near to that as I was allowed to listen to rock music, I thought the words were "I've seen her in a smokey room... the smell of wine and cheap perfume." As it happens, the lyrics are "A singer in a smokey room...." What the hell, Journey? ENUNCIATE the next time you release one of my favorite songs so thirty something women don't have to watch their nine year-old sons do the "I was right" dance. (Which he totally gets from his father.)

Okay? That'd be great. Thanks muchly.
Tags: cute kid story, ethan, i'm an idiot, music

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