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I'm alone, the laundry is done, the house is clean, I have a cup of coffee and the Christmas music is on. Let the good times roll.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm taking lots of medicine for various ailments, most of which are solely my fault. Though, I did wake up thinking I was having a heart attack, only the pain radiating down my left arm was only a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Apparently I did something in the middle of the night that made the pain unbearable, but I didn't die, in case you were wondering. Anyhow, it's better now. It was just weird. Sucks getting old. All you twenty-somethings? Enjoy it. It's all downhill from here. ;)

I've written all of a handful of words since NaNo ended; All my writing buddies are otherwise occupied, and I've tagged in everything that can be tagged so it's been a lonely couple of weeks. I've dusted off a few of my WIPs, though, and that's fun. I need to do outlines for them, because I tend to ramble and go off on tangents if I don't follow dramatic structure. I do so love writing snarky characters, though. Fun.

Nolan just called a moment ago and asked that I "whip up" gifts for his clients; 50 packages of sweets and breads, some of which will need to be shipped to various places in the U.S. Can't stand it when the man has brainstorms. It usually means more work for me, it does. Most of my Christmas shopping is done - I still have a few things to get, but it's of the "go in, buy, leave" variety. My favorite. I can't stand going shopping for something and I've no idea what to get. Makes for Cranky!Carrie.

No one wants that. Especially not around Jesus' b-day.

He played a "COWBOY NERD" (!?) and was definitely the comic relief. The best part is that he had a ball.

Maybe I can convince him to take theatre classes, now.
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