Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Christmas Pictures

Mom and Tom are in town because Ethan's CHristmas play is today, and after shopping yesterday, when the boys came home, we made Christmas cookies.

Aaron is a good helper, even if he does get flour everywhere. And he's kinda cute. That goes a long way towards forgiveness.

Granny and Ethan

The looks of concentration are fierce. As if the world might implode if the flour is added incorrectly.

Maybe this smile is in anticipation of the blueberry walnut biscotti.

Since biscotti isn't technically a "kid" cookie, we also rolled out some sugar cookie dough and got out the cookie cutters.
He was spelling SANTA.

The looks of fierce concentration are back. They were adamant about the sprinkles, or in AJ's case, the lack thereof.

He's also serious about licking the beater. It's important.

Mom made me a tabble runner and four placemats out of this snowflake batik fabric that we bought in NYC. That look of concentration is back. My momma is so cute.

The dreary weather today. It's spitting snow. And stinking cold.

The tree. It looks like it's tilted from this angle, but around here, we're lucky it's still standing, frankly.

Oh. I guess I forgot the toasted coconut part. Those were yummy cookies, too.
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