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Photos from the Museum of Natural History

None of which are very educational. But Nolan and I had a good time. We got glared at some, though.

Nolan, is front of a dang big elephant thing, inexplicably grinning.

Me with "Elephant Attitude." It's what started all the silliness.

Which one is the ape?

No, seriously. If we go to a museum, this is what I see of Nolan. His backside, reading EVERY WORD of the placards. I skim and scan.

Nolan's interpretation of the big giant head. He gave it a thumbs up.

Making a dinosaur face...

My interpretation of The Big Giant Head of Which I Know Nothing Because I Wasn't Paying Attention. I thought he seemed a bit peeved.

Nolan ponders the random dinosaur skeleton.

I imitate the dinosaur skeleton.

Nolan joins in the fun. I said he looked very dinosaur-y.

I have no idea what this is, but Nolan assure me I nailed it.

This head thing, too. Face is dead on.

Nolan as prehistoric moose thingamajig.

Ooooh! It's a prehistoric bear thingy! Scary!

Nolan being a pterodactyl. Probably. Basically, I can't be trusted to retain educational stuff while on vacation.

And a horned dinosaur skeleton dealymabopper.

More sedate as we sat in Radio City Music hall waiting for the Rockette's 3D Christmas Spectacular.

Nolan took at least 15 pictures from the window of the airplane. Of CLOUDS. I'll spare you, but this one was sort of pretty.

I'd make a fun, but pretty crappy tour guide, huh?
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