Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Yes, it's still *clears throat, clenches teeth* fabulous.

Things I'm most certainly not irritated about:

1.  That my children wake up at the crack of bleeding dawn on Sunday.
2.  That in the 4 hours that I've been awake I have picked up the throw pillows for the couch no less than 7 times.
3.  That the dog tracked mud onto the freshly mopped floors.
4.  That children let in said dog.
5.  That hubby is off shooting something (birds? bambi? - somthing that hasn't done anything to warrant it) and isn't here to deal with any of this.
6.  That I have done not one bit of Christmas shopping... Not.  One.  Bit.
7.  That 4 year old's marker bled through onto cover of collectible book he was using as a desk.
8.  That I have to go to the grocery store today, as we are yet again out of the basic elements of food.
9.  That Wal-Mart (*shudders*) is also looming in my immediate future.
10.  That children and dog just scattered the pile of dirt and dried mud that I just swept up before I could get the dustpan.

No.  Not irritated at all. *forces pleasant smile/tone of voice*

Does the almighty Flist have any movie reccommendations?  I'm going to update my Netflix queue today and the last couple that we've received have been REAL stinkers.  Old, current, happy,sad doesn't matter...  just good.

Having soooo much fun reading the exchange fics!  Working on a few presents of my own....
Tags: angst

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