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Picture Meme

elle_blessing asked:

Pictures ... how's Frank the Owl doing? And maybe your candy/sweet tooth stash, if you have one :D

Do I have a candy stash, she asks. To be fair, these were taken a bit after Halloween. So it isn't like this ALL the time. :)

This is one side of the pantry, or the "snack bar" as Aaron calls it.

This is the "catch all" basket in the pantry. Milk duds, peanuts, dates and blueberries - quasi-healthy stuff. (not the milk duds, obviously)

This is the baking candy. Chocolate chips, chocolate bars, and that orange bag is my friend deedsk_tx 's legacy to my life. The Mallowcreme pumpkin. Loaded with corn syrup and sugar and honey and things I can't pronounce and only SHAPED like the nasty gourds. But GOOOOOOOOOD.

I got a little obsessed with candy corn this year. That's Caramel apple, creme brulee and blackberry flavored. These pictures are close to a month old, and they're still there. A little too sweet for me.

Leftover mini Snickers, Three Musketeers, and Milky Way Bars From Halloween. You'll notice the absence of Kit Kats from the mix. *cough*

MOAR candy. I always have a bowl of those wintergreen wrapped mints, out, though.

Candy dish by the phone...

Candy dish on the coffee table. That's it. And thankfully, most of those are empty and gone. When the heighborhood kids come over, it's a little like a swarm of locusts descending. All that's left are little empty wrappers here and there.

mugglechump wrote:
Elle beat me to it. I was going to ask for Frank with a hat or scarf or some other such clothing article.

No clothes, but here is Frank the Creepy Ass stone owl, in all his chipped ear glory.

I had a minor freak out the other day when I looked out the window, expecting to see Frank, and he was GONE. Then I realized the gardening service had moved when they changed out our trees, and I quit freaking out. My plan is for the growth to completely cover him. One day... And if you're new to the f-list and want to know what all the fuss is over some statuary, you can click the word "Frank" over in the tag cloud to the left and read all about him.

abitofayla wrote:

Puppies! Katie, Abbey...

Katie and Abbey are in the forefront, and as an added bonus, there's Maggie the chocolate lab, my in-law's dog, and coincedentally, Katie's daughter.

They're house dogs, so when we put them out, they make pitiful faces at the door. And STARE at you until you let them in.
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