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Day 30 *dances*

I did it!

Now, back to my regularly scheduled life. I feel proud and happy and relieved and headache-y and like I might throw up. But it's finished. Now I can focus on the company Christmas party, friends I've neglected, cuddling with the family without a computer in my lap, scening and the holiday season at large.

Oh, and editing. Editing like WHOA. But some other day. Now I shall go collapse and then take my children and their crooked teeth to the orthodontist, because even if my job as a novelist is done today, my job as a mommy goes on.

WHOO HOO! *breaks arm patting self on back*

A special thank you to all of the people that sent me messages, comments and encouragement. That helped me more than you could possibly know. Big love to you all! *MUAH!*
Tags: nanowrimo, writing

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