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Accents, Sex, Birds, Counting....

So I went to my first blocking rehearsal last night for The Odd Couple.  Funny.  Funny stuff.  Although, the director gave us bird imagery first (hopping, pecking...The Pigeon sisters, etc) and then he told us to (and I'm actually quoting here) to "ooze sex.  Think go-go dancer.  Like you just stepped away from the pole."

Erm, okaaaay.

 As an actress, I'm fairly sure that I can do both of these things, but I'm having a bit of a hard time combining them.  Bird sex.  Sexy birds.  I dunno.  Maybe he just wants one or the other, not a combination of both and he's just trying to decide which one he wants more. In any case, January 18-28, it'll be too, too funny.  This also means that I'll spend my 34th bithday enduring the first tech rehearsal (The kickoff of 'hell week').  Meh.  One sacrifices for art.

I'm having a hard time maintaining the Cockney accent that the director wants for this show because the rehearsals are so few and far between.  So I'm dutifully listening to the tapes in the car, running errands with Aaron (4).  Aaron has been counting lately.  He can count up to 50, and really, I think that's great, but how many times do you have to listen to your child count to 50, and praise him, before your ears start to bleed?!  So I turn up my accent tape and I hear him talking softly in the backseat.  I turn down the volume and say "What, Aaron?"  and I hear "...44, 45, 46, 47, 48..."  In a very good British accent.  With great enunciation.  *sighs*  I guess I can listen to him count some more....
Tags: cute kid story, rehearsal, theatre

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