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Day 22

Threads of plot, half finished ideas, partially developed characters, lackluster dialogue and holes you can drive a truck through. Thank you, nanowrimo, for giving me accountability for my 36,754 words of mediocrity.

Thanksgiving week begins. Nolan's home safe and sound from his hunting trip, sans any furry creatures, the lawn is mowed, the laundry is done. Tomorrow I grocery shop for the Thanksgiving crowd, get the house clean and ready for guests, and iron. I'm glamorous, let me tell you. For now, I need your help.

Poll #1489151 Which dessert? You can choose more than one. :D

Which desserts should Carrie make for Thanksgiving?

Maple BourbonPecan Pie
Italian Cream Cake
Pots de Creme
French Silk Pie
Tags: family, nanowrimo, poll, writing

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