Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

You all know I have my quirks, right?

I don't like dolphins, woodland creatures on the whole, celery, wrinkly things in baked goods (if there are brown chunks it needs to be chocolate or nuts), tapioca pudding, or gourds of any kind.

Gourds... like pumpkins, squashes, zucchini, the melon family, etc. Don't bring it around here. We'll not have it. (Well, my family might. But since I'm the head cook, grocery shopper and bottle washer, I speak for all three of the boys and myself.)

I think pumpkin pie is an aberration of nature. To quote my sister, "I think people should make dessert out of something that is, oh, I don't know, NOT a vegetable."

Preach it, Em.

SO when Mom sent me this, she knew I'd think it was freaking hysterical.


SEE?! Pumpkin pies are Jack-o-lantern poop. Eat 'em at your own risk.

HEE! &hearts Thanks, Mom. I'm still grinning.
Tags: emily, food, mom, picture

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