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Day 16 - subtitle: (MJ, Jeans, and the Left Hand Blues)

Yes, I realize it hasn't been that long since I posted for yesterday, but I'm disturbed. Veeeeerrrry disturbed.

I dreamed that I was dating Michael Jackson.


I'll just sit over here and let that sink in for a bit.

The only explanation for the dream is that I downloaded his This Is It album yesterday. I didn't listen to it, mind you. Heck, I hadn't even unzipped the file until a moment ago. I'll spare you the details, but in the dream I was one of his backup singers for The Way You Make Me Feel, and we danced together - like choreographed dancing. I remember thinking, This man is 15 years older than me and he's dancing my socks off. (Never mind the fact that he's no longer breathing. This didn't seem to be a factor.) I should also say that there was lots of kissing. But I don't remember him having a weird nose issue in the dream. It was normal. (Well, normal for him.) In fact, he was really charming, and funny and had a childlike exuberance.

My weird freaking dream about Michael Jackson has made me into a fan, I think.

I need help, apparently. Free therapy, anyone?

I have a new favorite pair of jeans. Who here loathes jeans shopping, raise your hand? I tend to find a pair I like and wear them until they fall apart. So when I found The Boyfriend Jean at Ann Taylor Loft, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I went to their website today to order another pair, and guess what? SOLD OUT. They say they may still have them in the stores, not that it does me any good because there isn't an Ann Taylor Loft in Amarillo. *bats eyelashes at my mother who lives in Arlington* Flipping figures, right?

Also, my left hand is gimpy. I don't know if it's from all the typing, or what, but it aches something fierce. Send good thoughts, please.

Last thing... the howling at the beginning of Thriller freaks Katie out. Join the club, sister. I remember being in Melissa Lovell's living room, listening to that record for the first time (I think we were in the fourth grade) and almost peeing my pants when Vincent Price started cackling at the end. I know I screamed. I was a dork even back then. ;)
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