Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Day 15

Update type post: Done in bullets!

&hearts I'm so deliriously happy to be home and have my shower and my bed. I love traveling; I do, but it takes a toll. And I missed the boys. It was great to just hang out with them today.

&hearts Nolan bought the new Call of Duty game that came out this week while we were away. He stayed up til 7:30 am playing it, meaning he was still up playing when I got up. WHAT a dork. He played intermittently today while I was trying to get my nanowrimo word counts in. So actually, we're both dorks. A matched set, if you will.

&hearts Ethan got the part he wanted in the Fourth Grade Christmas play. I'm so proud of him. He told us right as we were going into the last show we were attending in New York. It was a nice moment.

&hearts I'm having 28 people at the house on Thanksgiving. It's starting to freak me out. I'm taking deep breaths and shots of vodka alternately, to combat the effects.

&hearts I've written 4,065 words today, trying to get caught up from when I was all lazy on my vacation. Most of those will be usable, I hope. I'm sure some of it is crap, and all of it will need editing, but I'm starting to get to the meat of the story and I'm REALLY starting to love my 4 main characters. They seem like good people. Anyway, 900-ish more words to get caught up and get to the plottiness/conflict. Yay.

&hearts I've got 900 metric pounds of laundry to do tomorrow. That ain't hyperbole, folks.

Have a good week everyone!
Tags: ethan, family, nanowrimo, nolan, random, writing

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