Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Day 9

I'm in New York! We had a plane trip of three legs, switching planes twice (such is the way of life when you live in the sticks). On the last leg of the trip I sat next to a completely adorable older gentleman who told me story after story about Studio 54 in its heyday and who thought I was a teenager. *giggle*

I must seek out the octogenarian set to hang out with more often. He was funny. And he thought my accent was "charming." I have to confess, I thought his was, too.

Our hotel is The Mansfield, and it's just lovely. After a lot of misses in the hotel department for us when we've come, Nolan's finally hit a home run. It's got some great architecture. It's got a funky mix of art deco clean lines and carved wood cornices, great moulding on the ceilings... plus it has a library with a fireplace and a coffee bar that's open 24 hours. That feeds my romantic soul, that does, as well as my need for caffeine.

I've written about 600 words today, but the day's not over.  I'm gonna hang out with Nolan and then write until I hit a brick wall.  The secondary characters have demanded more screen time.  Who am I to say no?

Love to all!
Tags: nanowrimo, vacation

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