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Funerals, Playwrighting, Sagging and Fan Fic

Whoever made me think I could be in charge of bereavement meals for our church was a freaking lunatic.  When people start to get teary and weepy, then, inevitably, so do I.  I cannot let people cry alone.  And really, when a family member just died, no one needs the girl serving the roast chicken to lose it, too.  Right.  Will be more prepared in the future.  But I hope there are no more funerals for a long, long, time.  (That may have been the most selfish thing I've ever typed.  Sorry.)

Playwrighting is going swimmingly.  I'd say that we are a quarter of the way through with this year's one-act and it's funny and smart, as well.  The kids I'm working with are brilliant, (truly - very smart) and if I could get all of them to use their powers for good and not evil we'd be set.    But I laugh a LOT in that one hour chunk of time every week.  It's so cathartic.  No matter what happens to be going on in life, they can ALWAYS make me laugh.  It makes me happy to be a teacher.  Not all classes have made me feel that way.  Can I get an amen?

On a completely different note, my body is really letting me down.  Gravity is my new enemy.  WTC?  Can it get worse?  I'm also a little miffed at the lines around my eyes.  (Laugh lines - pffft.)  And the grey hairs!  Seriously, this isn't right!  I have an appointment on the 14th at 2:30 for a color, cut and highlights (which will cost roughly the same amount as the GNP for Botswana) to make me a redhead again, so that I may have the same hair (minus the Dorothy Hammill cut) that I did when I was eight.  I'm kind of excited about the red hair, though.  So's hubby.  (Whatever it takes.)  I'm NOT going to grow old gracefully.  I'm not going to go as far as surgery (although, restoring the sisters to their former glory would be nice) or botox, but if anyone has any beauty secrets...  fill me in.  And all you girls in your twenties...  LIVE IT UP.  'Cause gravity always wins, my pets.  Always.

Have posted up to Chapter five of current Fan Fic as D&  It's truly a guilty pleasure.  Is my own work suffering?  Erm, a little.  But it's so easy to write.  The characters are already there and well rounded with a history, and the reviewers are really, really nice, for the most part.  It's the instant gratification, I suppose, that has me hooked.  And the fact that I love the plot that I've created.  Poor J.K. Rowling would never have these characters together, and probably disapproves heartily...  but I sure am having a great time!
Tags: fan fic, i'm old!, playwrighting

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