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Laugh it up, fuzzball.

There isn't really rhyme or reason to these. We went to church, went to the Star Wars Concert, spent the weekend at mom's house, and I took pictures. It's pretty much a dump of October

A typical morning at home. Mr. Sunshine (left) and Mr. Grumpypants (right)

He would NOT smile for pictures. He would NOT look at the camera

He did have spectacular bed head.

This is so typical of them. The jokester and his straightman.

Aaron's freaky tooth growing from the roof of his mouth

If he could look any more like my dad here, I dunno how.

Ethan, rocking the Texas Rangers badge. I'm not sure what that was about.

Ethan and Nolan playing video games. They did not pose for this pic.

They were playing harry Potter, here. Aaron is pointing a toy broomstick, and Ethan, for some inexplicable reason, a flyswatter.

Wearing Nolan's boxer shorts. Again,I know not why.

My little magazine models

In front of the New Cowboys Stadium. It's massive. We went to see Star Wars in Concert. it was AWESOME.

The boys and R2D2! I was geeking out, a little.

AJ hanging on to an X wing fighter

Ethan as a sith lord.

Me and Mom's cat, Sammie. He gave me an hour of attention and was gone like the wind.

Ethan being a Polar Bear

Aaron's Polar Bear face is a bit fiercer than Ethan's.

Aaaand the buffalo faces. *shrug* I wish I knew.

Brotherly love in front of an elephant stampede. It's as good a place as any, I suppose.
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